My God, its so hard to decide!

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Re: My God, its so hard to decide!

Wait a while Ben ,you have the XZ-1 so its not like you don't have a good photographic tool.

The perfect camera does not exist, especially if you want video as well ( which I never use).

When I went from the D700  12MP to the D800E 36MP my frames/second rate with a grip went from 8FPS to 5FPS .So around a car track I need a D4 instead!

The nikon SLR's are for work after spending 10 hours shooting a corporations annual convention with a lenses that are over a kg in weight I  want small for my own enjoyment.

I have not heard much good about the video on the pentax SLR,s if you want the video as well get a Canon SLR their 18-135 stm   will run rings around the Pentax.

waiting to see what the EOS 70d has to offer the 60d is not bad but old sensor.Both have glass prism finders like the pentax but not 100% view. below is an image taken with my wife's 400D with the worst Canon lens 75-300 non usm non IS!with the on camera flash for fill as well .

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