Nikon D3200 body vs Nikon D7000 body + savings of $430 in both bodies

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Sammy Yousef
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Don't forget the D7000 has a built in flash commander. You mentioned nature and product photography. Both allow for amazing images if you use off camera flash. Now that CAN be done with a simple inexpensive flash unit in manual mode, but it's much easier with Nikon CLS and on top of that you get access to FP Sync.

Only one issue with fully recommending the D7000. I've held off buying one and stuck with the D90 because too many people have reported focus and oil splatter issues with the D7000 for me to ignore it. If I could somehow guarantee I'd get a decent D7000 body I think I'd be more interested in spending the money. My current plan for upgrade is to wait until at least the end of the year to see what the price of the D7100 is like then. At that point I may jump in or I might wait some more to buy a D7100 on close out a year later. A lot depends on how long my D90 cameras live because while they've been pretty awesome so far they are getting older.

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