Recommend me an affordable light meter.

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Re: Recommend me an affordable light meter.

I am not familiar with the quality of light meters so I was wondering whether anyone can advise on affordable accurate light meters.

Sekonic is a little pricey for their 308s so are there other alternatives of similar quality??

What are the pros and cons between a digital and analogue light meter?

Also does a person really need a light meter these days now that we have Digital technology?

Are there other methods that can replace what a light meter does in outdoor, indoor and flash photography situations.


For pros there is essentially no other choice but Sekonic. It's the one we rely on. Shop used if you're concerned that the investment will hurt you.

There is no need for an analog meter. It's nice for novelty value but digital is the one pros use.

The need for a light meter is somewhat subjective. Some pros use them religiously, while others never use them. However, when you want to be exact, there is no better tool than a hand-held light meter. Understand the difference between your camera's meter (reflective) and the hand-held (incident).

No tool does what an incident meter does so you can't technically replace what it does with something that doesn't do the same thing. But there are other methods to metering and photography. If you master exposure and understand flash, you can even use manual flash without one. It may take you a few tries to get the exact exposure, but you can start with educated guesses. Again, this doesn't replace a light meter since it's not doing the same thing. It's just a way to work without one.

A light meter can do more than measure light. It can calculate stop differences, calibrate your camera, control power on flashes, compensate for filters, and enable you to quickly scroll through different exposure options for the same result. There's probably even more the Sekonics can do but I use only the basic functions.

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