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Re: Still not low SS limit in Auto ISO!

Vic Chapman wrote:

Bernie Ess wrote:

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but... still no minimum shutter speed on auto iso??? PLEASE Fuji, this can't be too hard to do. This feature on my X100s is so useful. Please! I would pay for the update if you offered it.

Incredible. They add super complex (to implement) stuff, but the omit, time after time, one of the most simple and yet most useful features in digital photography: A fully programmable Auto ISO mode. As it is made, you end up with ridiculously low shutter speeds with adapted lenses and wide angles. Unuseable with moving subjects and non- stabilized lenses.


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Checkout the specs for the XM1 - scroll down just past halfway to ISO sensitivity. It plainly shows min shutter speed for auto ISO. Maybe we will get it in the July update. It also seems that XM1 has base ISO of 100.

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