Ebay scammer selling Olympus lenses

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Ebay scammer selling Olympus lenses

This week I ran afoul of an Ebay seller listed as being in Duluth, Georgia who repeatedly cancels transactions using the same lame excuses each time and then relists the same item in an effort to get a higher amount in his next auction:

"I messed up and listed the same lens twice. Sold it to another buyer. Sorry."
"Opened the box for the first time and the lens is cracked. Sorry."

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6
Ended: Jun-15 10:38......US $34.00 (cancelled by Seller)
Ended: Jun-23 12:02......US $38.50 (cancellation request refused by buyer) <-- ME

Olympus Zuiko Digital 25mm f2.8
Ended: Jun-15 10:42......US $122.49 (cancelled by Seller)
Ended: Jun-24 19:50......US $110.00 (transaction pending)

Olympus Zuiko Digital EC-20 Teleconverter
Ended: Jun-16 20:10......US $227.50 (cancelled by Seller)
Ended: Jun-24 16:53......US $264.00 (transaction pending)

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6
Ended: Jun-16 20:33......US $55.15 (cancelled by Seller)
Ended: Jun-24 19:43......US $40.05 (transaction pending)

It's unfortunate that Ebay's listing system doesn't draw any attention to the fact that all this seller's feedback is negative. I reported this Ebay user (ssrothlis15) and PayPal account (mydogiscool15@yahoo.con) to the respective resolution departments but they haven't shut him down yet. The only good thing is that he's not going to pick up his money very quickly using a ".con" address! In point of fact, I can still cancel my payment at any time since it's sitting unclaimed. I'd rather have the lens though (shown in mint condition with retail box) for the amount offered at auction.

Out of four items each auctioned twice, two times he got more money the second time and twice he got LESS. Not a very clever fellow. Perhaps this is a child (aged 15?) who hasn't worked out how to be a successful criminal.

BTW: Does it make sense to tell multiple buyers that you just opened the box for the first time AFTER you listed the item with a photo of it sitting outside the box?

Damn, I hate Ebay.

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