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Re: The dark side of m43

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I'm researching various camera brands. I never shot with four thirds camera system. The reveiws on the the Panasonic G 6 have peaked my interest. What are the positive points about the four thirds systems.

For the sake of completeness and getting two sides of the story:

Shutter shock

Purple fringing on Olympus cameras

Outdated inferior sensors on Panasonic cameras

Expensive lenses once you wander away from the kit lens

Sucks at shooting BIF

And let's just assume that everyone is interested in shooting BIF, right? Or does that just round out what completeness is all about?

It was kind of a joke. But if BIF is truly what you are heavily into shooting, you should buy some other system.

maybe, or maybe not. There's some pretty good tracking on display here at the 2:50 mark:

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