What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Re: GIMP is very capable

Tom Axford wrote:

I use GIMP, which is free, but extremely good. It is a bit harder to learn than Photoshop, but once you get used to it has a very good design, and a wide range of capabilities, although it doesn't match Photoshop in all areas.

I have been using it for several years on an iMac and feel no need to move to Photoshop or another commercial package.

GIMP is awful on a number of levels. Some examples are no 16bit support and a color balance tool that does an awful job. You get what you pay for.

My recommendation for Mac users is to go with Parallels and Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro is by far the nearest you can get to Photoshop than any other app, Windows or Mac.

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