Lightroom DNG - Converter / Changes in the format itself?

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Re: Lightroom DNG - Converter / Changes in the format itself?

Henma wrote:

Thank you very much for you quick reply!

The main reason I deicded to convert my raw-files into DNG is that I like the idea of having everything contained in a single file.

Yes I thought this for a long time also but then Richard Plondon pointed out that when you back up your files (as we all do don't we!!!!) the backup client backs up altered files since the last backup. It is therefore much quicker and more efficient to backup a sidecar (XMP) file than a whole DNG file.

Additionally, each modification saves to the DNG file with the inherent risks (eg HD drive on the way out but undetected) that that entails. So, to me, having a corrupted XMP file (that can be updated from the Catalogue) is preferable to having a corrupted DNG file.

Just a thought!

It appears that I have not quite understood the basic principles of the DNG-Conversion. Does the update in the DNG Converter / Camera RAW just include more supported cameras/lenses?

I thought differently?! I thought new sliders, etc. are included or even a new file-structure?!

Is there actually such a thing as a difference between a file I converted for example with Lightroom 1 and Lightroom 5? Thinking about it if there was it would actually go against the basic idea of DNG, wouldn't it?

On the other hand, if I convert a file with Lightroom 4 and later on use it in Lightroom 5, will the DNG file be updated automatically?

I am confused...

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