People Don't Read

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Re: People Don't Read

Don't stress yourself out over a side job.  Life is stressful enough without purposely adding to it.

If dealing with people stresses you that much then you really should find something else to do.

If you are in a service business (which photography is) then you need to be able to provide excellent customer service.  It may be that your process is broken.  If that many people can't figure it out then fix the process and make it easier on yourself.

If you only like the photography aspect then hire someone to be the people person.

If you get frustrated it will show.  If it shows the client will not have a pleasant experience.  If the client doesn't have a pleasant experience they won't come back to you in the future.

Unless you live in a very large city a hit and run type strategy for photography will just leave you with no clients down the road.


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