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Re: Is this 14-42 II better than the original Panny 14-45?

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I got mine with my GF1. Is it worth the upgrade?

No one knows for sure yet, but based on ephotozine's reviews of the 14-45 and the 14-42II I'd say no it is not worth the upgrade. If you look at their imatest results closely you can see the 14-45 is equal to or besting the 14-42II in all but one case - erroneously high center MTF50 numbers from imatest. This is a known problem with imatest, once things get near or above the "excellent" level on ephotozine there is no point in comparing - you are looking at testing artifacts.

Instead pay more attention to the edge performance. There you will see the lenses comparing closely to each other in most cases. The 14-45 doing a bit better at the wide end, the 14-42II doing a bit better at the long end.

Also note that at least in this case they used the same camera body to test both lenses so there is some value in comparing the two tests (a sadly rare occurrence).

Also note such testing is really better at generating numbers and tables we can score keep than actually telling us much about the IQ of the lenses. My standard link to a good article about how flawed these tests usually are:


And finally, it is worth noting if the ephotozine's review is to be believed and the 14-42II is performing close to what the 14-45 is doing then that is really good news. The 14-45 is a really great kit lens and if the 14-42II is keeping up then that means m43 kits containing this lens will have a leg up on the offerings of most of the other MILC offerings (possible exception being the Fuji zoom - but that is far too expensive a lens to be considered a kit zoom even if they do sell it kitted with camera bodies).

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Thanks! I'll hang onto my 14-45. I think I'll put my money into either the Oly 45mm or Oly 75mm prime. I've got a upcoming vacation in Paris in a couple of months!

I found this:

There is now the official MTF charts of the new Panasonic G 14-42 II kit lens: http://www.panasonic.net/avc/lumix/systemcamera/gms/lens/g_vario_14_42_a.html At 42mm the chart looks a bit peculiar (bent). The Mk II lens does appear in specifications as something between the 2010 14-42mm lens and the pancake power-zoom with major focus on being compact, light and plausibly cheap.


I think it's important because the 14-45 lens (and the 20/1.7) is discontinued and it would be nice to know how it's supposed replacement, the 14-42 II will compare. Because there is so little information about this, is somebody trying to hide something?

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