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Re: X-M1

REShultz wrote:

bentheoandrews wrote:

briny wrote:

Fuji X-M1: $699.95
Fuji X-M1 with XC 16-50: $799.95
XF 27mm: $449.95

In the UK, on the Wex Photographic site I noticed the XM1 body only is £599 and XE1 body only is £629. Would've expected a larger difference in price than £30.


Yes, this scares me about the kit lens a bit. Although perhaps it shouldn't!

It's not known yet, but the posted MTF plots show that 16-50 has as good as or better image quality than 18-55. Which wouldn't be surprising, as the former is priced at $400 and the latter at $700. Improving speed by 1 stop and preserving quality can easily double the lens price. But it's interesting that the contributions to the kit price are quite different. The 16-50 lens adds just $100 to the body, while 18-55 adds $400. The bodies of M1 and E1 aren't priced very differently, which isn't surprising. The first is newer with more functionality, faster processor, etc. but lacking EVF and also shaving some manufacturing costs.

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