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Re: Time to take a break

Biggs23 wrote:

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TrapperJohn wrote:

The moderation here is very light, and I don't envy the mods for doing it-has to be babysitting adults at times.

I haven't seen a locked or edited thread where it wasn't overdue, and frankly the ban feature could stand more liberal use. Almost all posts in question have long since departed any semblance of discourse, and that's being very generous.

Its just a camera, not a religion.

I would recomend the following most of which I think is available now.

All decisions to lock or delete a thread should be accompanied by a statement in a pm to the poster as to why the action is taken.

This is my standard operating procedure as a mod.

I think the poster should be allowed to share this statement with the group at his discression.

This will serve no purpose except to incite others. If there is a problem with a mod's action the appropriate course of action is to appeal to an admin.

All decisions to ban or kick forum members should also be stated to the member being banned or kicked and again the forum member should be given a chance to post the reasons to the forum.

Read the above.

I think there should be a timely and transparent appeal process that will be available to those affected by ban decisions.

Fair enough, IMO. (Although as a mod my opinion matters the same amount as yours!)

I think if the poster who is censured wants to make his case public he should be able to do so as your decisions will ultimatle affect all of us thats why court proceedings are almost always public except in the cases of juveniles,  It is this public proccess which makes both parties more aware of thier actions and how they are perceived by the public which in this case is dpreview.

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