Old 80-400 vs 70-200 F4 with TC-17E II

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Re: Old 80-400 vs 70-200 F4 with TC-17E II

Tom B. wrote:

I have a D7100... I currently have an original 80-400 and was thinking of purchasing a new 70-200 F4 lens, and then possibly a TC-17E II for times when I want the extra reach that my 80-400 had. Do you think this combo would be at least as good or maybe better then my current 80-400?

80-400 on D7100 = 120-600 field of view @ f5.6?

70-200 + 17E = 178-510 field of view @ f5.6 or higher?

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I have used the old 80-400 with a D300 and the 70-200F4 with 1.7TCEII on D5100.  The latter has better IQ especially wide open, better AF, and better VR.

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