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Re: DPR is misguided

Biggs23 wrote:

AllMankind wrote:

In my opinion... (please NOTE I said 'IN MY OPINION')...

a: Moderators should NOT be allowed to post comments as regular USERS.

b: Every moderator should have TWO accounts. Their Moderator account, and a regular user account.

c: If logged in as a moderator, a moderator should MODERATE and not be allowed to post user comments. If a mod wants to post comments, he/she MUST login as a regular user.

d: When logged in as a USER a moderator would NOT have any moderator powers and would not even be identified as a moderator.

Thus doubling the amount of work required for basic moderation tasks. To have such a requirement would severely decrease the ability of moderators to enjoy forums.

Because forums are for the enjoyment of moderators, right?

As volunteers that seems like an added burden which would serve very little purpose.

e: No moderator should be allowed to moderate any thread in which he/she has posted as a user.

Consider that we are just normal users.

Well, the collective you aren't making it too easy.

I don't usually open threads that aren't of interest to me. So if I can't moderate threads I find interesting and want to participate in, and I don't open threads that aren't interesting to me, what is left for me to do?

f: No thread/post should be deleted unless agreed to by admin. In other words, no moderator should have the power to delete a thread or post without approval of DPR admin.

g: No moderator should have the power to ban a user. Again, the banning of a user should require admin approval and NOT be the sole discression of a single moderator.

If you don't trust them to make decisions why have them at all?


Since moderation has been introduced, DPR has become massively OVER MODERATED. This is wrong and massively misguided.

Compared to what it was before I would argue that it's a massive improvement. I may, admittedly, be biased.

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Any opinions I express are my own and do not represent DPReview. Have a good one and God bless!

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