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Re: LG - 27EA83-D monitor

I bought this monitor 3 weeks ago from Newegg for $700, $150 off from regular $850. Be sure not to confuse with very similar looking model--LG 27EA83R-D, sold for less, also by Newegg, at least.  Notice the only difference is the "R."  But the "R-D" is 8-bit color, not wide gamut.  If you buy from Newegg, I suggest you ship overnight or 2-day, not free shipping, because monitor is not double boxed, which can mean damage in transit.  Might be better shipping with Amazon.  The monitor I received is a revision firmware, actual 10-bit with extraordinary colors.  I have one very small grouping of pixels that only shows on black background, but the pixels show color properly, so I didn't send monitor back.  Definitely test pixels with Online monitor test - By vanity.dk and flatpanels.dk.  Tried to "repair" pixels with JScreenFix and http://lpm.jads.co.uk:80/webstart/jscreenfix.jnlp?licenceId=60d6ad88-ba80-49f5-a178-4d1642f1a51f to no avail.  The pixels take the monitor from an absolute A+ to an A.  The color from just an 8-bit jpeg is wonderful.  The LG software calibration is only for Windows, and LG has no Mac version.  I run both OS X Mountain Lion and native Windows 7 Pro from separate SSDs in my MacBook Pro.  I bought new Spyder4Pro from Amazon for $169, as the LG can calibrate in Windows from this and Spyder3Pro and ColorMunki using the sensor only and the LG software.  The LG software seems extremely good, and the calibration ICC file, which I also moved to the Mac system, seemed even better than the pre calibration by LG, which itself is documented on a sheet with your monitor.  There are a couple "tricks" to getting the calibration to work, and the documentation for the monitor is way under par.  You must have the USB cable connected from your computer to your monitor input! I was able to connect the Spyder4 into USB on the MBP directly as recommended by Datacolor, not on the LG USB hub.  Second, you must have the open calibration program actually sitting on your LG monitor screen in order for it to respond to any input! I have only seen AdobeRGB color space images in 8-bit jpegs, but as I said even here the color and definition, the deep blacks, the grayscale, the resolution afforded by the pixels are all terrific.  PC World, for what it's worth, chose this as their 27" high-quality monitor editors' pick. I think the best competition is the Dell Ultrasharp U2713H with PremierColor (make sure it's this model) and the high-end ViewSonic VP2770-LED, both of which look very good, plus of course the more expensive NEC.  That said, I love this monitor.  The pixel issue at this point is extremely minor.  This is a new monitor, but it blows everything else away, except possibly for these I mentioned, plus some high-end 30" monitors.  I hope this helps.

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