Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

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Re: Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

telefunk wrote:

Can anyone please explain? I have had many Nex's. The C3 with pancake 16mm, the Nex 7 with 16-50 compact zoom and the Nex 3N with yet another Sony 16-50 kit zoom.

None could produce much sharper images or significantly less noise than my old LX5! And this from tenfold bigger sensors and much bigger pixel count. And my wife's Sony RX100 blows them all completely out of the water! How can that be? I can't have had only duds?

I guess I'm not seeing it.  How does the LX5 look better than the NEX?  The LX5 image looks blocky compared to the NEX.  The LX5 resolves less.  Also, bright daylight is not the best condition in which to differentiate cameras.  Pretty much all cameras these days look just great outdoor in the sunshine.  It's lowlight that separates the wheat from chaff.  Most cell phones even look great in the sun.

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