Review: Canon 200-400mm f/4

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Re: I can't thank DPR enough.

PhotoKhan wrote: a non-professional who simply can not afford this lens but whose mouth has to be drained every single time I read about it (...or just see a simple photo of the beast...) I can't thank DPR enough for taking the side of those who feel Canon pricing is out of control.

In 1996, the EF 600/4 (non-IS) retailed at B&H for $9200.  Adjusting for inflation, that is $12.9K in current dollars.

The EF 600/4 IS MK II can be had at B&H for $12.8K plus a $256 towards a future purchase.  Compared to what $12.9K in inflation-adjusted dollars bought you in 1999 you get:

1. a sharper lens

2. a lens that's 4.5 lbs lighter and much better balanced

3. 4-stop image stabilization

4. faster autofocus

5. vastly improved sealing against moisture and dust

Also note that the new Nikon 800/5.6 is a staggering $18K, about 40% more expensive than canon's current 800/5.6 ...

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