Panasonic 20mm discontinued : new version coming

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Re: Might just be to make sure the mount fits properly

dougjgreen1 wrote:

ulfie wrote:

I'd like to see both an aperture & distance scale on the lens body so one could manually pre-focus. Now that would be fast focussing! Other than that, what's really wrong with the 20? It's IQ is already excellent, even wide open.

I've heard numerous examples of this lens mounting too tightly on any number of M4/3 camera bodies - fortunately for me, the used one I have fits snugly but easily on all three of the M/43 bodies I own.

They also might be improving the AF on it. But optically, I'd be surprised if it gets changed.

I'm dead sure they will use a different optical design. The classic "gaussian" design with its huge moving focus group (in fact the entire lens assembly moves to focus) will never allow OIS or quick AF. I bet it will resemble the 17/2.5 quite closely.

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