" I almost got punched out last weekend."

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Re: " I almost got punched out last weekend."

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Anyhow, just as I'm taking a picture, this Hell's Angel guy grabs me by my neck and says to me," no pictures of me!" He wanted me to delete the file. I decided to not do so. I went into a discussion and ultimately uttered the second most powerful phrase in the English language, " I'm sorry!" ( the first being, " I love you!", maybe I should have said that! ) So, after apologizing profusely, he said to me, " you can go man, you're OK."

so why didn't you respect the man's privacy and delete the file? it looks like you were able to take a lot of pictures at the event, one less wouldn't have been a problem.

And then to post the unwanted photo on the internet is a further disrespect of the person's wishes. This is one reason why people don't want their pictures taken by strangers.

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And people especially don't want their photos taken by jerks. The OP is almost literally laughing about how he got away with taking photos of people who didn't want their pictures taken--and then posting them on the Internet later.

I disagree with people calling this behavior brave. It would have been brave if he DID get punched out and posted the photos afterwards anyway AND put his name and address in his post. That would have taken balls. This is just a drive-by, with no accountability. And this is why the OP is laughing. Oh, I also notice that he doesn't post any photos of himself.

I agree.  I also do not think this is brave.  Putting yourself in a dangerous situation because of your own personal obsession with being a jerk does not equal being brave.

I don't have a problem with some of the photos where the people were clearly "on parade" and not opposing being photographed.  But the ones where people are putting their hands up to the photographer - take a hint - these people, for whatever reason, don't want you to take their picture.  And no - it isn't against the law.  Me stealing an old lady's parking place isn't against the law.  Me cutting in line isn't against the law.  But I don't do those things because I am not a jerk.

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