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Re: Scott Kelby - Crushing the Composition

hirejn wrote:

I like his approach. I have yet to see any pro set everything up, take one shot, and call it a day. It'd be nice if it did work that way, but it always involves working the scene, trying different lighting, different ideas. Even Rick "One Take" Sammon takes a few shots. That's photography. There's a difference between perfect exposure and perfect shot. Exposure can be had in one shot, but finding that right shot can be challenging. Scott's video may not reveal that much to pros, but more beginners should see it. There's a misconception that pros walk around snapping masterpieces and everything somehow magically falls into place for them. We work hard and use skill to achieve a vision.

Joel, I agree with you, but also think this video is a good refresher for working professionals to remind us of some of the basics.

One of my takeaways was to think about what made you stop at a scene. Don't just walk away once you look back and take a couple of shots you don't like. Something made you stop. You just need to stay there and find it.

I think that's a huge takeaway for me. In fact, in all these years I've never quite thought about it that way. My philosophy has always been to previsualize and image, then plan to go get that image which is in your mind's eye. I'm not dropping that idea at all, but this is a nice add-on. It's another tool in a lifelong bag of tools that always gets larger but is never quite full enough.

Thanks, buddy.. take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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