Mac Mini VS similarly priced custom build PC

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Re: Mac Mini VS similarly priced custom build PC

theswede wrote:

christophorosp wrote:

Thanks, i do understand the merits of a Mac over a PC, im using all possible Apple products and my current computer is a 13" MacBook. However what draws me to a PC at this point is mostly the bang for buck, power wise.

As has been mentioned, that only refers to purchase price. Lifetime cost bang per buck will be MUCH worse on a typical PC in a business scenario.

I would love to take advantage of GPU acceleration and the Mac mini is weak at this point.

That is about the only disadvantage. What would being able to do this provide you with? How will it make you more money? I'm not being facetious; that's the bottom line. If having this would make you more money than the lifetime price equation changes, and some downtime and administrative hassle may be worth it.

Then there's the matter of extendability. Two years down the road i can add another GFX card, a couple of hard drives to build an in-place RAID system and double its memory without an issue...

Except you won't do that without an issue. I've never had a seamless upgrade (beyond memory) of a Windows system. Adding a RAID will require a complete rebuild of the software and is likely to lead to a lot of interesting issues - it is the domain of enthusiasts and experienced professionals when done on consumer grade hardware.

And I'm not sure the memory can be doubled just like that. My server runs a quad core with DDR2 RAM. I can get 2x4GB RAM for that, in theory. In practice it costs so much to get that RAM since it's only sold to those desperate enough to want to upgrade old systems that it's comparable price to get a new motherboard, new CPU and 8GB DDR3 RAM.

Ah, decisions decisions. Heart says Mac, logic points to the PC

If money is no issue, then logic points to the PC; this is true.

? It's usually true when money IS the issue. PC/Hackers main motivation is almost always to spend less (or the same and get more performance) and get more headache.


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