fuji x-m1 vs samsung nx300

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Fuji Xm1


I don't own the X-m1 of course, but I can tell you about my personal experiences using both the NX300 and the Fuji X-e1, which I both own.

About the NX300:


1. Fast autofocus.

2. Decent quality full hd video.

3. Touchscreen / hence, ease of use.

4. WIFI / Easy Share capabilities. Really makes sharing with your network easier.

5. In good day light, the camera produces acceptable results.

6. The 60mm lens (I think) is really nice. Good bokeh and pretty sharp.


1. I cannot turn of the touch screen, which always is prone to many moments, where I accidentally change settings without knowing.

2. High ISO performance in low light environments is weak, IMHO.

3. Lack of optical / electronical viewfinder.

4. Battery dies very quickly.

5. Menu is mediocre at best. Hard to customize settings. Certain menu points only accessible through multiple steps.

6. Built quality: Is meh~....ok for most I guess, but after using a FUJI X-e1 you prob. don't want to go back to the plasticky feel that you get from the NX300 (IMHO).

About FUJI (I own a Fuji X-E1, of course not the X-M1, but since they apparently inherited the same sensor I might give you a feedback nonetheless):


1. Amazing high iso performance.

2. IMHO, beautiful colour rendering OOC.

3. Very strong and forgiving RAW files.

4. Very good lenses. I own the 35mm 1.4 and I'm loving it.

5. Menu is very intuitive, easy to access functions (got better since last FW update, which leads my to my next point:

6. Awesome FUJI-Customer relationship. FUJI listens to most of the customers complaints/feedbacks/wishes etc. One can so far always rely on highly effective firmware updates.

7. Of course, beautiful design and very well built.


1. Slow (BUT accurate) autofocus.

2. No weather sealing, AFAIK.

3. Expensive accessory line up.

4. Full HD video output, but quality is pretty bad (IMHO).

5. Focus-by-wire. Not my thing. Doesn't feel natural at all and doesn't allow me to become really skilled at focussing (or maybe it just needs a lot more practice).


I would definitely go with the Fuji X-M1. IMHO, the better image quality, the stellar ISO performance, the detail rich raw files, the built quality of everything that FUJI creates....are for me the defining selling points of any camera out there on the market.

Regards, Mike

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