X-E1: initial thoughts from an X100 owner

Started Jun 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Birse Boy Regular Member • Posts: 357
Re: X-E1: initial thoughts from an X100 owner

Our circumstances are very similar and I pretty much agree with all the comments you have made on the blog.

If you have any old manual lenses you should try a cheap adaptor to use them, well worthwhile.

I haven't got the new firmware yet..looking forward to trying that, and the update in July

One thing I did learn is that the Fuji lenses still work with the "shoot without lens" option turned off so when using and adaptor and legacy lens you don't need to keep switching back and forward in the menus.

I've also set the AEL/AFL switch to on and AF to manual - that way you have the best of both worlds, again without having to toggle between AF and M

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