Scott Kelby - Crushing the Composition

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Re: Scott Kelby - Crushing the Composition

bobgeorge wrote:

For those that have watched the video...what did you think? I understand the theory, but it seems like he just takes a lot of shots to get the few he uses. I also found it interesting that he said he only travels with one lenses...a 28-300 (approx 13:30 mark).

Realistically,  it's how many photographers work. I work the same way much of the time.

You try a lot of shots until you zero in on what works; it's an evolution at perfecting your image.  It's not unusual to spend an hour shooting the same scene with different perspectives.  Have a look at how many frames are shot for fashion or for a national geo article.  One article I read recently estimated that an average photo shoot requires 750 frames to produce 1 image.  NG photographers routinely produce ~15K images for a 20-30 shot piece.

Does it matter how many shots you need to get the one you want?  The important thing is that you get it.  Whether it takes 1 or 50, why stop before you get it?

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