Digital "noise"...isn't it overblown ?

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Digital "noise"...isn't it overblown ?

So many ppl are constantly complaining about noise issues in nearly all but the very expensive cameras. Then when noise reduction is applied they use words like "smeared".   
Isn't this matter placed too highly in the whole world of getting an image ?

Isn't it more NB to get the "moment", ...or the emotion, or the amazing light ?   ...among other aspects ?

Newspapers don't seem to be worried about noise on the papers they sell.  Most young ppl on facebook could care less about noise in a photo...they are after the emotional impact.   Even moderate blur...they put up with it like it's not a big deal.

400 speed film...many got used to the modest grain...others stuck to 100 iso regardless.

So, I say: digital noise in images is indeed rather blown out of proportion in the whole scene  of digital imaging.

I'm not FOR noisy images, just, it's not as big a deal as some ppl make it out to be.  OK ? 

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