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How often do pixels matter in a real photograph?

Great Bustard wrote:

In my opinion, the IQ differential between modern DSLR and mirrorless systems is trivial for the vast majority of photos, scenes, and display sizes.

I thought the preceding thread was fascinating, and I think Lazslo Benzce (sp?) raised some wonderful points and did us a real service. Many of us obsess over the equipment instead of the image.

The main point I took away from the discussion is that in photographs that you actually want to look at because of the image itself (i.e., not because the image was taken to deliberately display some imagistically uninteresting quality of a lens or a sensor, e.g. pictures of fabric or of books on a shelf or a page of text), pixel counts seem to play a vanishingly small role for the overwhelming majority of pictures, and that most such images cannot be told apart except by clairvoyants (yes, I know that is an exaggeration).

This is a gear-head  forum, so his point does not go down easily, but I think he has the photographic authority to make it and that it is a great point for us to remember.

I would be very interested to hear from someone who actually got to see the images at his show in Sacramento and tried to tell them apart based on pixel count.

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