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pretty lame

bentheoandrews wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

After using X-E1 for awhile, I find this design a lot more appealing.

  • reduced size and weight - plus.
  • wider kit lens - plus.
  • tilting LCD - huge plus. I hate fixed LCD on X-E1, it's quite useless.
  • no AF/MF switch on front, what the heck Fuji was thinking putting this thing there on X-E1?
  • PASM dial - plus in my book. Don't like the aperture dial, especially unlabeled one, don't like the wacky shutter speed dial. The PASM dial was the result of the evolutionary improvements, what was Fuji thinking bringing the shutter dial from yesteryear on X-E1?

They got it almost right, but one crucial element is still missing. And no, it's not an EVF, I couldn't care less about it. Never liked looking into a keyhole experience. What's missing is a good grip. One most unpleasant thing about using X-E1 is the lack of grip. It's even more important in this design with tilting LCD, because holding camera up or down would require twisting one's hand into awkward positions and the real possibilities of dropping the camera, pushing the wrong buttons, etc. But they are getting closer, maybe they'll get it right the next time around.

Did you actually buy the XE1? Sounds like it is everything you don't want in a camera.

It's called, attack the messenger if you don't have anything to say about the message.

I wonder why people do that. Because they are frustrated? Feeling insecure? Low self-esteem? Is it a buyer's remorse? -- Because the new camera is better and cheaper?

I bet we'll soon see messages posted here how the old X-E1 and Pro1 superior in every respect, it also helps to put down the buyers of X-M1 as stupid, novices, P&Shooters, etc. Which tells me that people's self-esteem somehow depends on the equipment they are using.

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