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Zack Arias
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I don't delete comments

photoreddi wrote:

And I've seen him respond to accusations in the comments sections -- after deleting the comments that he objected to, making it impossible to tell if his critic was making a fair case or not. ]

I have never deleted a comment on my blog because I didn't like criticism. I've only deleted blog comments when someone was saying something unkind or inflammatory about the person I photographed. ie - "He looks stupid." or "She's hot. I'd @#$# her all night."

Yes. I get comments like that. And I delete them.

Or I delete comments that are just flames. "You're a stupid idiot Zack and I hate all your pictures." I get those from time to time. Sometimes I'll let those slip on through and I have a laugh about it.

Critical of my thoughts and images but have at least something to say to back that up? Even if I don't agree? I let those through. I'm always up for discussion.

Have you commented and have never seen your comment posted? Well, then you're caught in the spam filter and I don't go through that to weed out normal comments. I get, on average, 500'ish spam comments a day on my blog. Sorry. Not going to go through the filter.

Know what else I get? At all hours of the day and night? Phone calls. Yeah. I'm a working photographer. My phone number is on the Internet. People take issue with what I think about something in photography and decide to call me and debate the issue.

Thank God above for my studio manager and google voice.

Zack Arias

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