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Heron & Fish

This past Saturday, I went looking for birds again. At first, I hardly found much. There was some osprey flying above. I saw an eagle far away. But finally I saw some heron and towards the end of the day, one heron came close when it found a fish.

Photo No. 1 - This is the area I walked around looking for photo ops.

Photo No. 2 - One of the first herons I saw had a good-sized fish.

Photo No. 3 - I saw another heron flying by some trees.

Photo No. 4 - This heron by the shoreline let me get close.

Photo No. 5 - And then it flew away.

Photo No. 6 - I saw the heron again.

Photo No. 7 - And it flew away.

Photo No. 8 - As I was getting ready to go home, another heron came close to me, quickly turned around and grabbed this fish.

Photo No. 9 - The bird walked closer to me and proceeded in stabbing the fish many times to make sure it was dead before consuming it.

Photo No. 10 - Finally, down the hatch the fish went. For some reason, this type of fish was not swallowed alive as I've seen for other fish.

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