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Zack Arias
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photoreddi wrote:

but none of them shill as unabashedly as ZA does. You can believe everything that ZA writes if you wish. I'm not that gullible. I also know what he replaced his DSLRs with and they aren't made by Fuji.

Hey Photoreddi

Guess what?

I talk about that all the time from the comments on my blog to twitter to my Q&A blog. It's not a secret.

Hey! Guess what else???

Guess what else isn't a secret?


If you want to take shots at me and make the wrong assumptions then put your real name on posts instead of being an anonymous TROLL.

That is all. Put your name on it and I'll talk to you more about it. Otherwise you're a hater.

The Internet is such a great place to hide isn't it?

Zack Arias

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