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It took me a while to realize it, but the delete button is the best tool...

I ve used LR since 1.0, and while not large in comparison to many commenting, I have about 21k photos in the catalog.  The single biggest change I've made that really is making a difference in retreivability is using the delete button ruthlessly.

I read this process online somewhere but can't remember who to give the credit to.  If I'm repeating what you already know, forgive me.

It's three stages of RUTHLESS DELETION of photos:

1. Delete  it in your camera.  If you review your photos in camera, either chimping or scanning through them, RUTHLESSLY hit the delete button for those that are obvious non-keepers. The never see the input side of a card reader.

2. Delete during the import process. When the thumbnails are displayed, you have a slightly larger view of the picture to make a judgement on the fly about its retention-worthiness, particularly since you can see each photo in context with the other shots. RUTHLESSLY uncheck the import box. After everything is imported, erase the card.

3. Delete it in tagging.  I generally tag specifics after I import. You can blow up to full size and once again, RUTHLESSLY ask yourself if the photo is worth keeping. We all usually take multiple shots of the same thing.  WHich one would you print in a photo book? Hit the "X" button in LR and it gets flagged as a reject. Takes all of a couple of seconds.  In doubt? Keep it. Then periodically have LR delete the rejected photos FROM YOUR DISK.

I've moved to probably keeping less than 40% of my shots, making tagging and adding metadata faster.

On your file method question, I started with directories by year and sub folders by month, but I swiched to just using a year as the lowest level folder.

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