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Re: Questions about the new Adobe subscription plan

If you decide to go with the subscription I would think that you should first decide what you really need (assuming you are a photographer). Since I already have PS CS6 some of your questions were mine also this morning when I decided to "trial" PS CS6 CC. Adobe has a neat facility on their site for answering questions via an online mobile "chat". I found that useful.

I had questions about what happens to my existing PS CS6 if I download the "trial" and was told nothing happens to it. They were correct. The 2 programs exist side-by-side. I had questions also about migrating 3rd party plugins and they were a little less sure how that would work (since they aren't automatically loaded into the filter menu in Creative Cloud CS6 and some may require CC updates before using). It was suggested that I could probably re-load them and see whether they come up in Creative Cloud but I decided against that for now. I was more interested in the operation and features of CC CS6 right now.

I haven't decided yet whether I want to subscribe but I thought I might give it whirl. Just a couple of observations after downloading the trial so far:

1) It is definitely quicker and more robust than my "perpetual" PS CS6

2) It works quickly and seamlessly with Lightroom 5

3) The "new" Smart Sharpen is phenominal (unbelievable really)

4) The ability to use Camera Raw from filter list is a definite plus

5) Other things have been tweaked (but no talked about) e.g. sliders in the Liquify filter. Much more usuable and accurate now, spot healing brush seams to do a slightly better job (especially near edges. I'm sure there are other things hidden under the hood. I just haven't found them yet.

All in all I find CC CS6 to be quite good so far. I'll see what happens over the next 30 days or so before I make my decision.

If you would have asked me weeks ago whether I would consider the subscription I would have told you "No Way Jose"! But, I've calmed down some since then and I'm willing to at least give it try. I'm not recommending this approach, I'm just sharing my path so far and some observations.

Good luck to all!

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