Perhaps a silly question on LR vs PS CS

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Oh Angel...

MagicAngel wrote:

I think Lightroom is a shameful scam taking features out of PS and putting them in LR so that we have to pay extra for them! So Photoshop is basically photo editing without any specific photo editing tools? That sort of <makes me mad>. Add it to the list of reasons I hate Adobe.

When started using Lightroom, my first thought was that it was useless. I could do far better in PS than LR. However, with LR4, I've noticed that LR is actually very good at a few things they left out of PS. Namely the color and luminance noise reduction and the lens corrections. Those alone make LR worth using. Also the ability to batch images with the same corrections is very useful. I'll preprocess a whole shoot with the same basic settings to get an idea how they look, then LR the final choices for fine tuning.

I've now included LR in my processing, I'm very happy with LR4. I wish PS did everything, but as it doesn't, I'm happy to use LR.

No need to hate and be mad. It's only software.

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), included with Photoshop, supports color and luminance noise reductions. It also supports lens corrections. In a nutshell both LR and ACR support the same features for developing images.

What LR has, and Photoshop/ACR does not have, is tools for organizing your files. And while you can batch process in Photoshop, it's much more convenient to do this in LR.

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