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Re: Well, one pesrson's "Nuts" is another person's "Gold"

ljfinger wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

I've discovered that, especially, my older photos, have mysteriously had their metadata stripped from them and I' have had to recreate, as best I can that "taken date".

Using a tool like Lightroom, that doesn't touch your original data, prevents this sort of thing from happening. Further, backups, executed wisely, would detect this sort of change.

Dates drive how I find most photos. sorted into year\yyyymmdd-description\filename, often if there's nothing too unique that day, there's no description.

I remember when I met my wife, within a few months, I remember when we were engage, and married.

I remember when I bought my house, when my son was born, when the dog was put down, when my father died.

I usually can remember where/when we were in a place on vacation within a couple years.

So, if I'm looking for pictures of my visit to Singapore, that's about 2004, maybe 2005.

Pictures of my father, work my way backward from when he passed, pictures of my son, I choose how old I want them. Pictures of my ex girlfriend, well, I think you get the idea. I can't remember when the cat passed away, but it wouldn't take me too long to find that out scrolling through a couple years.

I've been organizing photos like this for over 10 years now. And have moved the entire catalog from computer to computer, restored from backups after crashed disks, and used a variety of different programs to sort them, some early ones before I understood how "metadata" was being kept. Of course, all these picture are mine (I am not a professional), and if I'm taking pictures of local landscapes, flowers, etc., I gotta rely on keywords because the dates don't help.

I've used Google's Picasa for the last 6-7 years now, it doesn't support my new camera's RAW yet, but I'm patiently waiting (it supported RAW on my last 2 cameras). I also use the face detection on it, especially for people I know other than my immediate family.

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