Cheap (used?) DSLR for *continuous* recording

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Re: Cheap (used?) DSLR for *continuous* recording

I think that the only possibility would be for you to look for a used Panasonic GH2 selling at a good price.  These cameras remain in demand, though.  But I have seen them for $550 to $650 used on eBay.  You would then have to buy a Pentax to m4/3 lens adapter for it ( there are several companies that make such an adapter ), and you would then also have to hack the camera's firmware to remove the video recording time limit.

There are a number of popular hacks available for the GH2 that will remove the video recording time limit totally.  They don't cost anything to get, and are widely discussed on a number of popular websites:

This website has all the info there is about hacking the GH2:

This website has additional discussion forums on using the GH2:

And this website also has helpful info, and a great book all about hacking the GH2 and using it for video available for purchase:


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