Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

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Re: Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

Jeff wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

Hi Hotdog, I do exactly the same and it works great.

I import to more or less the same folder name with more or less the same file number (Event_130623_frame#) and search with standard Windows search (e.g. 'event focallength:>200 ISO:<1600'): extremely fast - milliseconds if searching an indexed path, which it always is. Sometimes I tag, sometimes I don't. If anybody wants an image, all they have to tell me is the frame#. With today's search facilities, why anyone would want to give up control to closed-end, autocratic, single database file systems is beyond me. I have three computers and use them interchangeably all the time with no problems

Someone gives you a frame number and you look it up. Not exactly the toughest use case, is it?

Hey Jeff,

Windows search (in my case aided byFastPictureViewer's Codec Pack, but MS's or Nikon's free ones will do ) will find a file by whatever exif/xmp parameter as per the example above, so I generally do not tag unless it's unusual stuff - easy to do in VNX2 anyways. That's for my uses - and I can typically find a file in seconds. The frame number is there mostly for 'clients' of the 'Can I have a copy of #1234?' sort. In my case that's generally friends and family and it works very well for zeroing in on THE one they are looking at

But I am open to learning and changing if it's worth it. What can the system you are recommending do better?


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