Which lens to replace my broken 18-70mm?

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Re: Which lens to replace my broken 18-70mm?

Sammy Yousef wrote:

In order I would consider them

1) 18-70 (used). No VR. Best quality.

2) 18-55VR. Plastic mount. Great value but probably weakest optically.

3) 18-105VR. Not close focusing. Plastic mount. The one to get if you need the extra tiny bit of reach but not the best otherwise.

For all 3 vignetting and distortion are not great but easily correctable.

I wouldn't go a prime because they're not as flexibl. Great lenses if you have them as additional, but I wouldn't give up zoom on my only lens.

I wouldn't go with 3rd party lens because you never know when Nikon's later bodies change the protocols just enough to make them refuse to work with a body, and resale value isn't as good as Nikon.

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I think you'll find this comparison site interesting. Results generally correspond to my lens experiences.


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