Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

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Re: Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

theswede wrote:

No, I am saying they should buy a Mac, as Apple intended and expects you to.

What the vendor intends and expects of what is sold to me is irrelevant. Once I bought something, it is mine, and I decide what to do with it. Not the vendor. There exists no right to have the customer act as one intends and expects. On the contrary, the seller is the one providing a service and getting paid to do so.

That said, many Hackintosh installs are lost hardware sales. Of course. Anyone who is that desperate to use the Mac OS that they would specifically build a computer for it would likely consider buying an actual Mac if Apple didn't make it easy for anyone to get their hands on the Mac OS.

Maybe now that there is a proper Mac Pro again, but before that? No, not that many. The most seen hackintosh installs are on cheap netbooks (guaranteed to not be lost Mac sales - the purpose of such a machine is to not hurt the wallet much when damaged or lost) or relatively high end hardware.

Where would those people get the difference in money from?

It's called saving up for it.

Which neatly sidesteps the actual point made; when the hackintosh install is made the money isn't there. Or, more often, the hardware already is, making the install "free".

Of course it would be wonderful if everyone had more available funds. Sadly that's not the reality for a lot of people who are curious about how OSX is to work with. And by buying and installing OSX they learn it, and are more likely to become future Mac customers. It's not like anyone's stealing Macs from Apple.

Then you don't buy a Mac or use Apple's software!

Which is not a choice when that's where all ones licenses are. Or for that matter when ones other system is an OSX system which just happens to not be powerful enough but which one still needs interoperability with. A common scenario when hackintoshes are involved.

No, there is no loss incurred on Apple when someone installs OSX on some other hardware.

Nonsense. Common sense says otherwise.

Nonsense. Common sense says there is no loss incurred.

And for that matter, most people I have met who build a Hackintosh to actually use it as primarily an OSX system have a Mac already.

Not in my experience. In my experience zero Hackintosh people I have met owned a real Mac.

Then our experiences differ. I use a Mac (from Apple) for writing this. I was contemplating making a hackintosh for image manipulation since there was no Mac Pro available, but I ended up with a Linux machine for that instead. Either way, there is no way I would have bought a Mac to solve that problem, as they had nothing which would solve it for me!

Bizarre reasoning that reminds me of the excuses illegal downloaders come up with for illegally download music.

What is bizarre is maintaining against common sense that every OSX install would have been a Mac sale.

I never said  that. Read more carefully.

I will not bother addressing anything else you say because it is a lost cause and I would simply be repeating myself.

And yes, that is also a backwards reasoning from the RIAA and MPAA, where they contend that every downloaded music or movie track is a lost sale. That's preposterous, of course, as anyone who knows people downloading knows.

Besides, Apple gets my money if I were to install OSX on a random piece of hardware. They also get zero support issues, as I wouldn't be daft enough to try to get support from them for issues. It's free money for Apple. You can't convince me that is a bad deal for them.


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