Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

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Re: Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

theswede wrote:

The loss "incurred on Apple" is lost Mac computer sales.

You're seriously suggesting that everyone who installed OSX on a virtual machine, a cheap netbook or a pile of parts they put together would have gone and bought a Mac computer if they couldn't have done that? That every Hackintosh install is a lost hardware sale?

No, I am saying they should buy a Mac, as Apple intended and expects you to. That said, many Hackintosh installs are lost hardware sales. Of course. Anyone who is that desperate to use the Mac OS that they would specifically build a computer for it would likely consider buying an actual Mac if Apple didn't make it easy for anyone to get their hands on the Mac OS.

Where would those people get the difference in money from?

It's called saving up for it.

And for those who build high power systems, what Mac would they have bought instead when none are available for sale from Apple? There is finally a new Mac Pro, but a few months ago if you wanted a high power OSX system, how could you buy one from Apple?

Then you don't buy a Mac or use Apple's software!

No, there is no loss incurred on Apple when someone installs OSX on some other hardware.

Nonsense. Common sense says otherwise.

And for that matter, most people I have met who build a Hackintosh to actually use it as primarily an OSX system have a Mac already.

Not in my experience. In my experience zero Hackintosh people I have met owned a real Mac.

They complement it with either a cheap netbook for travel and throwaway, or a powerful stationary instead of the woefully inadequate Mac Pro, for special needs. No lost sales there; on the contrary, it kept those people in the OSX fold so that they now are potential customers for a new Macbook Air or Mac Pro.


Bizarre reasoning that reminds me of the excuses illegal downloaders come up with for illegally download music.

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