Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

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Re: Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

Digitall wrote:

I have my photos organized by LR5 now but, I don't trust so much on LR to give him total free of choice when I catalogue my photos. Today I have LR, tomorrow I don't know.

I use a simple and effective method to me: Main photos folder on/or External Drive / Folder by year / Folder by date extended and subject(s), simple.

Example, PHOTOS ARCHIVE / 2013 / 2013-06-24 - SUBJECT / done...

Before the Date+subject you can have a Month folder and insert specific folders by month.

After this let the LR catalog the images in this order.

Then, by LR or "manually" through direct access to external drive looking your files is easy.

This is what I am doing  as well. I am using ACD See pro 6. Recently my server crash and I was need to reinstall most of the applications. My files was on external RAID drive. So I just reattached drive back after reinstalling server. What is good about ACD See that it was ready to use in a few seconds. All keyword, metadata was available right away (it stored in xml files in the same folder as a RAW files). I am not using ACD see database for any categories, everything built in file structure already. Also what I like about organizing in a file structure, that I do not depend of any vendor. I am switching time to time between different photo editing software, and I do not need to rely on any proprietary database to find and access my files.

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