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philzucker wrote:

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I remember that experiment you all did back in 2008. Fun stuff.


I had seven K-01's but gave three of them away to a nephew and his wife. I could probably get access to the ones I gave away if I want to try out this idea. I could probably buy some of the cheaper Pentax-A 50mm f2 lenses to try out my idea. If it works like I think it will then perhaps I could eventually get four or six Pentax-A 35mm lenses. I could also just try the idea out with my four K-01's to begin with. Interesting to think about it but getting around to implementing it is the hard part.

Depending on the resolution you want two or three K-01's with a DA10-17 would be enough for ultra wide panos, and four would grant you high quality instant 360 degree panos. Tricky part would be to align or stack them in a way to minimize parallax errors. Very hard or impossible to do perfectly, but if you don't have too many foreground elements you could pull it off - at least in PP.

While we're at it: Two or three Q's with the 03 fisheye lens could also fit the bill! Cheapest option out there.

Well, I have three Q's but only one 03 Fisheye. I'll think about it.


Or you get one of those Google Street View cams. Just checked out some "Street View" pics from London, and those were really good ...


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