Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

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Re: Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

hotdog321 wrote:

As you see there are no "right" answers. I'm a photojournalist with thousands of assignments, hundreds of thousands of images. But I can find any image/assignment in about 60 seconds using my PCs "Search" function. For each assignment, vacation, etc. I create a new file with client/date/subject. For instance:

bloomberg 06-12-12 enron

chron 07-04-13 star of hope

vacation 06-25-13 yosemite

Everything goes into each file: RAW, jpegs, .xmp,, video, sound clips, even assignment and caption information.

I don't use Lightroom, so I can't comment beyond saying that I have read a fair number of threads from folks who have lost their catalog for one reason or another. It seems to work great--until it doesn't.

Hi Hotdog, I do exactly the same and it works great.

I import to more or less the same folder name with more or less the same file number (Event_130623_frame#) and search with standard Windows search (e.g. 'event focallength:>200 ISO:<1600'): extremely fast - milliseconds if searching an indexed path, which it always is.  Sometimes I tag, sometimes I don't.  If anybody wants an image, all they have to tell me is the frame#.  With today's search facilities, why anyone would want to give up control to closed-end, autocratic, single database file systems is beyond me.  I have three computers and use them interchangeably all the time with no problems

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