Fuji X100S quality issues

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Re: Fuji X100S quality issues

cmc1 wrote:

Not and X100s owner just yet (or might never be) due to the fact that there are many posts/stories about the reliabilty issues with the X100s such as locking up during operation, error messages, rapid battery discharge etc etc.

I am/was really interested in the X100S but these issues and stories are a little off putting.

off putting you are.

I look at many posts on this site due to the fact that I own various makes of cameras (non of which have ever failed) and with the exceptiopn of Nikon and it's D600 oil/dust on sensor issue there are not many other sections of the forum that have as many post about malfunctions as the X100s ( I see issues on other sites too).

The X100S is not a cheap camera and is advertised as a pro/enthusiat product here in the UK

Should owners be tolerating these issues a well as they are?

Most cameras are purchaed off line these days and returing them with a detailed letter explaining their problem would be time consuming, frustrating and no doubt expensinve.

It woud be interesting to see Fuji's sales to return ratio. As with other industries this would probably have an impact on sales figures for better or worse.

Mini rant over

Current Kit:

Eos 7D = Rock solid/bomb proof

NEX5R = Never missed a beat

30 year old Leica fillm camera = Nuke proof

Canon S100 = solid and slick

Panasonic FZ150 = airfix build quality but operates like a Swiss watch

Future Fuji X100S = Heartache/Regret but somehow still wanting???

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