Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

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Re: Organizing your photos - software used, best methods and categories

DenWil wrote:

Beachcomber Joe wrote:

I use Lightroom to manage my images including importing, creating a backup, keywording, and rating. My file structure, which started with scans in my film days, is year, month and event. I frequently use collections within Lightroom when working on specific projects. My LR catalog backs up every time I exit the application and is also backed up to external drives as part of my normal backup routine.

Like most pros these days, I can't imagine not using Lightroom for image management and initial processing of RAW images.

Most pros. Right. All the anonymous pros.


Lightroom has been made a part of the workflow of over 2/3rds of the members of our local and Florida state PPA chapters, working professionals in a variety of fields.  Three years ago almost none of them used the application.  I think this speaks well for the usefulness of the application.  It saves them time, making them more productive.  We also have a number of amateur photography clubs in the area that I visit from time to time.  Amongst their members, Lightroom is not as common, perhaps 20% share at most.

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