Panasonic 45-175mm F/4.0-5.6 PZ

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Re: Panasonic 45-175mm F/4.0-5.6 PZ

Alien from Mars wrote:

It's not the lens to blame but your camera. To be more precise - the shutter in G3 is quite harsh.

When I replaced GX1 (virtually the same camera inside as G3) with E-M5 the problem disappeared.

My guess is that you're wrong. This fails to explain why a slower shutter speed produces sharper images.

The pana OIS is almost certainly disabled on your E-M5, and so if the OIS is the problem you won't see it on your new camera.

A Panasonic lens manual reads:

"When using this lens [H-PS45175E] with another make of digital
cameras, the Optical Image Stabilizer function will
not work. (As of August 2011)
For details, contact the respective company."

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