Perhaps a silly question on LR vs PS CS

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Re: Perhaps a silly question on LR vs PS CS

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I'm a long time PS CS user and have dabbled with a couple of LR versions, currently LR 4. I'm not really understanding why LR is so popular, probably because of my inexperience with it.

But, my question to those of you who like and use LR, why does it seem so very limited to me? I realize that I can export my LR edits to CS, but to me, LR kinda seems like ACR with a database for file management and a few tools, prior to sending to CS.

Part of my problem is that I don't want/need a DAM. I just want an easy to use program devoted to photographers. CS has been the best that I've found for that, but after reading so many users that seem to like LR 4, I am thinking that I gotta be missing some special things.

I'd appreciate any help on figuring out what I'm missing.



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If you're already very good with Photoshop you're not going to see much about LR that is actually going to improve your photos.

That being said, I use LR for all my photo management and cataloging.  I love the ability to create virtual copies that I can later shoot in PS for the real work.

I usually use LR for sync'ing a lot of global settings or just looking push a few sliders to get a "mock-up" idea of how an image would look after some amount of processing.

After that I usually do most of the work in PS.  I find that masks, extraction tools, layers, etc are far superior and flexible than LR...but more complicated of course.

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