Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

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Re: Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

Jen Yates wrote:

Doug R wrote:

What went wrong while you were recently running your Hackintosh?

I haven't run a hackintosh recently. As I said I have done so on two previous occasions and the additional time to install, configure, source compatible hardware, double check backup and restoration plans and 'carefully' maintain the machine was not worth it for me.

Yes it will work.

No it wasn't worth the extra time and care.

On mine the only components that don't run natively under OSX are the sound and ethernet both could if I desired be replaced with parts that are native for a total of $20 at witch point even updates to the OS wouldn't be a concern.

Where on all my Apple Macs these things 'just work'.

Each to their own. If you want a computer you have to carefully source components for, think about whenever you run an update and generally treat a bit more carefully than should be expected then go with a Hackintosh.

But for most people running Windows on PC hardware or running OSX on Apple hardware will be somewhat easier.

PS It's also tricker to migrate from a Hackintosh to a real Mac. Migration Assistant can copy over some of the hacked settings and render a real mac non bootable. Workarounds are indeed possible if you spend the extra time.

A reasonable response. The burden a Hackintosh has been greatly reduced with today's available hardware and tools its only barely more difficult to run a Hackintosh. Its not for everybody but it has gotten to the point that even non geeks can do it very easily.

PS Migration would indeed be more trouble than its worth With the App Store fresh install and software update would be way easier.

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