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John Waine Forum Member • Posts: 74
Re: $1,000 BM? Er, why?

Got skeptic? All the choices you offered are decent and cheaper working systems than a BMPC, but keep in mind the key points mentioned in the OP:

1. Shooting mostly video from tripod/stationary. This plus the fact many pany mft lenses are ois covers this concern.

2. The last line says he is not "expecting" cinematic quality for that budget. The truth is the new BM will offer just that for $1000, not including lenses.

3. Also mentioned is manual lenses. Even super 16 lenses wil fit the sensor, along with hundreds more via adapters. On board peaking is helpful her, something most camera hybrids dont offer.

Truth be told, he could buy an adaptor for a few dollars and use his sony lenses if he wanted. I dont know if you follow the black magic products but they are indeed the future of low budget cinema. They are not perfect nor did i suggest that as some things are sacrificed to get the price down. They are however the best video quality you can get for the price. Lossless 12 bit raw video, peaking, 13 stops of DR, massive range of compatible lenses. All for $1000 is a steal. When i finally grab one i will indeed offer my own experiences.

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