DP1 Merrill showing up in the new Ricoh GR review comparison tool

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mike earussi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,563
Re: DP1 Merrill showing up in the new Ricoh GR review comparison tool

DMillier wrote:

The usual excuse is that Sigma's sales volume is so low that only 20 people in the forum are interested and it wouldn't justify the effort. But I can hardly see Ricoh being a volume seller either.

It is frustrating when you have a technology that is so different from everything else and deserves some serious coverage simply because it is a different approach.

One of the problems might be that DPReview prefer not to review cameras that will score poorly on their standard criteria. Only Sigma can remedy that by giving some attention to the operational characteristics.

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Actually, your explanation makes the most sense. dpreview probably doesn't want to offend Sigma by giving a "not recommended" to any of their products. And except for IQ, all Sigma bodies have very poor usability in comparison to all other camera manufactures, especially the Merrills with their 10-15 second processing times per image.

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