Camera Wiith Video as Priority

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$1,000 BM? Er, why?

John Waine wrote:

Now as for the purchase, you cannot beat the BM pocket cam for $1000. Period. It is beyond everything else.

Based on what?

Problem is you will need to buy lenses too.

For less than $1,000, one can buy a D5200 with two stabilized lenses, a G6 with a kit lens, an X920 with superior stabilization, a discounted PJ760 with even better stabilization, or a discounted G5 and leave spare change for an extra lens.

It also isn't out till july.

Ah, yes.  The "perfect" cameras are always the ones few have seen or used.

At which time, people will discover that controls and ergonomics that impress the A. Reids of this world, with a copious collection of lenses and predictable, controlled shooting locations, are not necessarily suitable for travel video.

If it is beyond your budget, go for the Panasonic 3mos camcorders, they have great IQ.

Fair enough.  They are priced competitively too.  Just shop carefully.

This is all my own opinion and others may suggest a DSLR. Google is your friend though, so is B&H. Check MFT lens prices, those are the lenses the BM cam takes. See if you can afford it, it will be my next video purchase.

Good luck.  Will welcome your user review, although preferably 60+ days after purchase.

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